The AND SHINE Patches are easy to use in 3 steps


Cleanse and dry your skin. Remove a patch from the cover, only touch the edge to avoid damaging the microstructure. Carefully remove the white stickers on the edge of the patch


Apply the patch on the desired area and make sure that the microstructures are properly placed on the skin.


Activate the microstructure by gently pressing the patch with your finger for 2-3 minutes. Leave the patch on for at least 4 hours or overnight.


High-tech Skincare with Microneedling Patches

We have developed a revolutionary art of skin care that nourishes the skin deeper than ever before. Our patches contain between 300 and 900 microneedles with up to 17mg of active ingredients that are direcetly delivered to the epidermis – right where they are needed the most. Thus, the skin can be effectively nourished from the inside out.

High-tech Microneedles

When using our patches, the innovative microstructure of highly active ingredients dissolves into the top layer of the skin and thus effectively nourishes it from the inside.

Each microneedle is around 90 micrometers wide, making it as thin as a human hair. This makes the application completely painfree and a 100% safe to use.

Before and After Pictures of our Customers

Clinical Studies on our Patches


After the 1st Application
After 4 Weeks
After 6 Weeks

Clinically proven from the 1st application:

  • The water content of the skin is improved
  • The appearance of the wrinkles is significantly enhanced
  • The skin moisture is increased and a reduction in expression lines and wrinkles in the nasolabial are (laugh lines) is detected for up to 6 days, in the lateral periorbital area (crow's feet) for up to 3 days.

Clinical study with HA + CLHA patches on 20 subjects aged 30-60 years in the KDRI Asan Hospital, South Korea.

After 4 weeks with weekly use:

  • The global photo damage score of the skin is significantly improved after just 2 applications
  • The moisture content in the skin is significantly improved
  • Targeted wrinkles on the forehead, nasolabial folds and crow's feet are significantly reduced

Clinical study with the AHP-8 patch, carried out at CHA Budang MEDICAL CENTER & CHA University School of Medicine Korea, 25 female participants, tested for 5 weeks, weekly use.

After 6 weeks with weekly use:

  • The skin appears fuller, the epidermal thickness is increased
  • Improvement of the procollagen content of the skin
  • The appearance of new wrinkles is naturally inhibited

Clinical study with HA + CLHA Patch at the Seoul National University Medical Center South Korea. Evaluation done by dermatologists. Results after 6 weeks, weekly use.


Clinical Study on CLEAR SKIN PATCH

Significant improvements after applying the Clear Skin Patch three times:

  • ACNE AND PIMPLES: Measured using the GAGS rating scale, the severity of acne is significantly reduced after three uses.
  • SEBUM PRODUCTION: Clinical measurements with a sebumeter show that sebum production was significantly reduced after using the patch for three times.

Clinical study conducted on 20 male and female adults between the ages of 20 and 33 years at the KDRI Asan Hospital in South Korea. Test period of 6 days with one patch applied per day.


Clinical Study on ALL-STAR EYE PATCH

Significant improvements after just two weeks of using the All-Star-Eye Patch:

  • EYE SHADOWS: The evaluation of the skin brightness with the spectrophotometer and the facial skin photography system VISIA-CA shows that the brightness of the skin was significantly increased.
  • PIGMENTATION: The evaluation of melanin reduction with ANTERA 3D shows that pigmentation was significantly reduced.
  • EYE PACKS: The evaluation of the improvement in skin volume under the eyes with ANTERA 3D showed that the volume of the skin in that area was significantly reduced.
  • WRINKLES: The evaluation of the improvement of wrinkles under the eyes using ANTERA 3D shows that the wrinkles were significantly reduced.
  • TEXTURE: The evaluation of the skin texture under the eyes with ANTERA 3D showed that the roughness of the skin was significantly reduced.

Clinical study on 20 female adults over 35 years of age at the KDRI Asan Hospital in South Korea. Test period of 8 weeks with patches used twice a week. Assessment of the improvement in dark circles under the eyes, skin texture, wrinkles and bags under the eyes.

"Ich habe AND SHINE bereits empfohlen - es macht definitiv einen Unterschied."

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