Argireline – gentle anti-aging power

When we age, our skin starts lacking hydration, power and elasticity. Symptoms for that can be seen in facial wrinkles, for example around the eyes, on the forehead or around your mouth. While this aging process is totally normal, caused by the common reduction of body-produced hyaluronic acid, you can treat the symptoms with an infinite anti-aging cremes, lotions and serums offered by the beauty industry. Or – as an extreme measurement – use invasive methods to fight the signs of ages, such as Botox injections. But what else is out there?


AHP-8, the Bio-Botox

The cosmetic industry innovates and offers powerful alternatives to Botox and Co., which are more gentle but nevertheless highly effective against the signs of age. One of these is the high-tech-peptide Argireline. This natural biological molecule is a chemical-organically combination with amino acid.

AHP-8, as it is also called, interrupts the flow of neuro transmitters that are in charge of the face muscles. The anti-aging-peptide “tells” them to relax – which leads to a smooth face expression similar to the effect of Botolinumtoxin. The great advantages of AHP-8: it doesn’t need to being injected, it is generally highly compatible and at the same time very reliable treating wrinkles and expression lines. Especially for people who are Botox-intolerant AHP-8 is a good alternative with matchable effect. When used on a regular basis AHP-8 even reduces wrinkles in their depth and soothes them continuously.


Das Power-Duo CLHA + AHP-8

Cosmetic-pros from all over the world – especially the beauty experts from South Korea – are convinced by the strong effects of the power-peptide AHP-8.

Beauty-specialist AND SHINE combines the strong anti-aging effect of AHP-8 with its own, specially developed, cross-linked hyaluronic acid (CLHA) as introduced with THE YOUTH PATCH. The revolutionary microstructure-technology of this innovative anti-aging cosmetic-patch transports the power-ingredients into the skin, where they unfold their combined forces: Hyper-hydration through CLHA and pointed, long-lasting reduction of wrinkles through AHP-8.

Gentle, pain free and with an immediately visible effect after only four hours of residence time: The skin is noticeably firm, vital and smooth – and wrinkles are remarkably reduced. This effect is clinically proven and lasts up to six days.

Rise and shine…

The mother of all anti-aging measures is sleep. Your body needs sleep to regenerate itself, to fill up on new power and energy. This relaxation includes also the cell regeneration of your skin.


If you want to support your skin in its relaxation and regeneration, you should count on a regular beauty routine. This means, wash your face every night before you go to bed sound with water and soap. Dry skin needs special hydration care afterwards, mixed-type skin needs something soothing and oily skin something clearing.


THE YOUTH PATCH is great to make your beauty routine easier. Simply apply the patches once a week to your skin after the daily cleansing routine and go to bed. While you sleep, your skin is being treated and beautified from the inside. And the next morning: rise and shine with smoother, plumber and glowing skin.

Argireline® is a registered trademark by Lipotec S.A.U.

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